Outdoor Living

When you are looking for someone to build your family a permanent structure that will be a focal point of your home, your choice of service companies is important. Bobcat Custom Outdoors respects and understands this. We start the job by finding out what you envision and giving you options and advice from our experience to turn your vision into reality.

When you are looking for a professional masonry company to build your next outdoor kitchen, grill and fireplace, concrete patio, driveway or driveway extensions, stamped and stained concrete, stone retaining walls, natural flagstone overlays, stucco and custom work, look to the masonry pros at Bobcat Custom Outdoors.

An Outdoor Kitchen, Grill and Fireplace can add true value to your home and years of quality family time.  Spend your next spring-time sunny cool Texas day outside, cooking for your family while they play and eat beside you.  Also great for outdoor football or baseball cookout parties with the guys!

Concrete Patios can add value to your home and security for your children to play on.  We can add on to your current patio or custom build you an entirely new one.  While we are building your new patio, why not talk to us about how affordable staining and or stamping the concrete would be?  Contact us today to discuss your next project with a professional.

Driveways or Driveway Extensions can not only improve your home’s safety, but make your daily routine much easier.  Maybe you have a teenager getting ready to drive and would prefer them to park in the back of the house but don’t have the room.  Let the team at Bobcat Custom Outdoors discuss your driveway options.

Natural Flagstone Overlays can be a beautiful and durable way to improve your patio, front porch, driveway or virtually anywhere you want!  Perfect for pool decks and backyards, these inexpensive upgrades can add value and elegance.

Stamped and Stained Concrete can be a beautiful way to improve the look of any porch, driveway, patio, pool deck or even the interior of your home.  If you are looking for a professional but affordable solution for your project, contact the experts at Bobcat Custom Outdoors.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls are rugged, durable, and beautiful… that’s what you get when you hire Bobcat Custom Outdoors to build your home or offices stone retaining walls.  Retaining walls are important for several reasons, they retain tons of saturated dirt, that would otherwise wash away from your foundation or damage local landscape.

Stucco Work – As a building material, stucco is attractive, durable and best of all weather resistant.  Traditionally stucco is applied in three layers, a scratch coat, a brown coat, and a finish coat.  The two base coats are either applied by hand or by a spray machine.  The finished coating can be troweled (smooth),  hand textured, sanded, floated or sprayed.

Custom Masonry Work – Bobcat Custom Outdoors has years of experience masonry work from custom cement workdrivewaysstamped and stained concretenatural stone retaining wallsflagstone overlaysnatural flagstone overlaysconcrete patios and outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.