Wood OR STONE Retaining Walls

Professional Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining walls retain tons of saturated dirt that would otherwise wash away from your foundation or damage local landscape. Bobcat Custom Outdoors can build a custom wooden or stone retaining wall. Our team of experts can help you make a educated, budgeted decision on wood type and materials based on the project and your budgetary needs.  Our services are affordable and we pride ourselves in giving our clients a little extra on every job, exceeding their expectations.  Our walls are designed to provide you with years of performance and eye pleasing service.

About Our Retaining Wall Services

Whether you have draining problems or just need a retaining wall for landscape needs, Bobcat Custom Outdoors can build you a wooden retaining wall to suit any need.  Our experts can sit down for a brief meeting to show you our options and how our specialists can complete your project and save you money.

Contact Us Today for Your Retaining Wall Needs

Maybe your project needs a little more hands on planning or you feel your landscape needs require a more ‘careful’ touch.  Our team of experts can handle any job you have no matter how big or small.  We are here ready and waiting to discuss your project.  Our philosophy on your business is, we would rather have your long term business than your short term project.  We focus on the relationship, not the quick dollar.