NOV 2023

A Convincing Illusion

I love brining people back here,” the homeowner said. “I always show them the floor of the patio first. They can’t believe how good it looks.” 

Stamped concrete is a great way to add texture to what might otherwise be a flat, boring concrete patio. For this home, stamped concrete creates the illusion of wooden planks, and brings tons of character to this outdoor haven. 

 Bobcat Custom Outdoors knows cooking, and provides space and consulting to satisfy all of your outdoor grilling and cooking dreams. Custom desinged alcoves, cabinets, and counter tops look good, while electric, lighting,  and gas needs are all thought through and built in. 

And with seating and TVs, you can’t have the hot sun beating down on you. Motorized shades surround this space, making sure it’s comfortable year-round, any time of day. 

If your patio is just a slab of concrete, talk to us! We can add a roof, shades, a kitchen – whatever it takes to make your backyard one that will be the envy of the neighborhood!