MAR 2023

The Party Lights Are Hung

Talk about a radical transformation! This project created an entirely new, stand-alone place for entertaining. 

A giant patio now extends out from the house, and a large cover provides plenty of room for hosting a meal or watching TV outside. 

Usually the back wall of a patio is an exterior wall to a house. But in this case, we built a completely free-standing wall, which creates separation between the yard and the driveway and carport on the other side. It is all completely detached from the rest of the home. 

The white brick perfectly matches the brick of the home,  joining it all together visually. The rich wood of the roof, with its unique solid beams, adds a feeling of warmth to the patio. A large counter top area and grills make a great space for meal prep. And with a built-in spot for the Big Green Egg, is it fitting to call this a nest for the Egg?