MAR 2023

Small Change, HUGE Difference

The description seemed simple enough: Add a roof to provide some shade for sitting by the pool. But this design proved to be unique, and the homeowner says it has made an incredible difference in how she uses her backyard. 

Usually, we pride ourselves with matching. We can make a roof, bricks, tile, and wood match what’s already in place. But we loved the vision of this client, to go with something dramatic and radically different. 

This roof, as you’ can see in the pictures, is intentionally not an extension of the existing roof. It’s really barely even in contact, floating above the rest of the house. It’s large size does just the trick, and has turned this pool-side patio into a place that is now much more comfortable. 

This design decision makes a uique statement. And the practical use – well, that’s through the roof.