Beverly Lane


A Small Expansion Makes a Big Difference

We don’t build houses at Bobcat Custom Outdoors. We take what you have and make it better. And this home is a perfect example. It already had an outdoor patio. But by extended it out just a bit more, we were able to create a larger sitting area, a bar, build an attractive stone fireplace with a wooden mantle, mount a TV, create a side area for grilling, and put a motorized retractable patio screen around the whole thing. And did you know we install turf as well? Check out the strip of turf along the side of the yard. 

We work with you to create the best space for you. Each project is custom designed to fit your yard, attach to your existing walls and roof, and reflect you. In addition to the patio screen, this project also has whimsical fans with blades that look like tropical leaves, all per the customer’s wishes.

What do you want your outdoor space to look like?