Timber Edge

MAY 2021

A Problem Solved

We only had this single tree for shade out here, and needed more.” The homeowner has a pool and a great view of a golf course, but was frustrated by the lack of shade. So he reached out to see about extending an aggregate concrete patio and building a patio cover.

But there was a problem. You can see it in the photos. The shape of the pool meant that the patio cover couldn’t go out as far as he wanted, without putting a support pillar right in the middle of the water.

But at Bobcat Custom Outdoors, we like to meet problems with solutions. You’ll see that the pillar, instead of being right on the corner of the patio cover, is quite a bit closer to the house. To do this, instead of using a wooden beam, we wanted to use a steel beam running along the top to support the weight of the roof. Our engineers got involved to make sure this would work, and when they signed off on it, that’s what we did. The steel was covered with wood, too, so you don’t even notice it’s there. This allowed the full-sized roof the homeowner was wanting.

Some people try to cut corners. In this case, we did what some other companies said couldn’t be done. Each project is unique, because each home is unique. Our stone masons, engineers, architects, carpenters, and electricians all work together to find creative solutions to make your vision a reality.