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Natural Stone Retaining Walls

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Rugged, Durable, and beautiful… that’s what you get when you hire Bobcat Custom Outdoors to build your home or offices stone retaining walls.  Retaining walls are important for several reasons, they retain tons of saturated dirt, that would otherwise wash away from your foundation or damage local landscape.  Stone retaining walls are a beautiful and simple way to save your landscape and foundation.  Bobcat Custom Outdoors can talk to you about your options, not only on the retaining walls function, but the ascetics as well.  Our team can show you more options in style and design than any other contractor in Dallas.

Common Retaining Wall Issues

Draining is the key!  A short drive through your neighborhood will reveal many existing retaining walls that are bulging, leaning, or cracked due to poorly designed drainage.  Picking the right contractor is very important, but in a stone retaining wall it can literally be the difference between spending this budget once, or spending it again in 5-8 years.  Even small stone retaining walls can hold back enormous loads of soil.  It is crucial to hire a contractor that understand the physics behind these loads and how to properly drain the water and plan for erosion.

Contact Our Professional Team of Developers

Don’t let your project suffer due to inadequate supplies and planning.  Let the experienced team at Bobcat Custom Outdoors look at your needs and design a retaining wall to suit your landscapes needs.  Our team can show you several different designs and plans based on strength and materials.  From this you can pick a solution that fits your budgetary needs.  Contact us today for a experienced estimate.