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Natural Concrete Overlay Flooring – Flagstone and More

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Add Style and Longevity to Your Home

Natural flagstone overlays or concrete overlaying flooring dates back to the 1960’s when chemical engineers from a few large chemical companies started to experiment with acrylic paint resins to change the look of sand mixes and concrete.  What the engineers found was the result of the process created a thin cement type topping material that actually adheres to the concrete giving it new life, and a newly resurfaced coating.  New chemicals have been developed over the last 20 years and improved performance of the overlay has been achieved.

This process over the years has been refined to be able to the results you see today from many masonry companies.  What sets Bobcat Custom Outdoors apart from the other masonry companies, is our process and prices.  Our process extends the life of the overlay and beautifies the cement.

If you have questions about this process and would like to talk to an expert over the phone, just to see if this is the right choice for your home, patio, porch or driveway contact us today.

About Our Process and Installation Techniques

Bobcat Custom Outdoors process for Natural Flagstone Overlay not only increases the longevity of the process but increases it’s vibrancy as well.  Our team of staining and stamping experts have developed some techniques over the years and we would love to discuss them with you.  If you have been thinking about having a natural stone overlay installed on your homes porch, patio or driveway, contact us now to find out just how affordable our overlay technology is.

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If you are looking to add the beauty of natural flagstone, cobblestone, or another look to your patio, pool deck, walkway, entryway, or porch there are now great affordable options available.  Bobcat Custom Outdoors can discuss these options with you and the different maintenance requirements for each.  Contact our experienced sales engineers today for your estimate.