Red cedar is hands down the optimal material for wood fences, wood decking, patio covers and arbors.  Cedar is beautiful, dimensionally sound (warp resistant), has natural oils that resist rot and weather damage making it ideal for outdoor use.  These traits do give cedar a slightly higher price tag than competing material at the initial point of purchase.  When customers are on a budget they tend to look into spruce or pressure treated lumber when preparing for their new project.  Though spruce and pressure treated pine have lower initial price tags it doesn’t mean it is actually more cost effective to use.

When it comes to the North Texas heat pine & spruce are quick to react with splitting and warping.  This increases the required maintenance needed for the fence and shortens the service life which menas you need to replace it much sooner than a cedar fence.  Though you may have saved money in the beginning these factors increase the cost of ownership of the fence and make the fence actually more expensive in the long run.  With this in mind you need to take into account the function and your expectations for your fence when considering your material options. Regardless of the type of wood you choose, it’s a good idea to treat your wood fencing on a regular basis to increase its longevity and resistance to weather.