All fences provide privacy and security. Ornamental fences go a step further: they enhance your landscape and add to the value of your home. Because this is truly the main purpose of an ornamental fence you want to make sure it fits with the exterior style of your house. A fence contractor who has expertise with ornamental fence can be very helpful when you are installing a new fence.

Since all houses are different, there are different styles of ornamental fence to choose from. The most popular types in Collin County are cedar & wrought iron

Cedar Ornamental Fences

One of the benefits of cedar ornamental fence is that it adds warmth to your yard. It gives a natural feel to any garden or living area. Perhaps the nicest feature of cedar fencing is that it lends itself to customization. It is easy to add flare such as lattices at the top, corbels, columns, and custom trim work. Cedar also gives you endless the options to customize your gates, some at very little extra costs.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences are a great choice if you are looking for a durable and truly customizable ornamental fence. They are strong, can last a lifetime, and the customizable options are almost endless. There is virtually no maintenance needed with a wrought iron fence. It will also increase the property value of your home and is a very effective security feature on any home. As with all fences POOR QUALITY SHOWS! This statement is even more true with iron. Take care when choosing your installer and make sure you are getting quality components especially on projects with custom features.